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I-Divesite i-Das AD-M67 Adapter, M52 auf M67 I-Divesite i-Das AD-M67 Adapter, M52 to M67
To mount lenses with M67 thread at housings with M52 connection
€11.95 *
I-Divesite Port Adapter für das WP-DC 44 zum Anbringen des UWL-05 Fischauge Objektiv I-Divesite Adapter for WP-DC 44 to use UWL-05...
To mount the UWL-05 fisheye at the WP-DC 44 Canon underwater housing
€9.95 * €19.60 *
I-Divesite Weitwinkel UAL-03 (x0,75) mit M67 Gewinde I-Divesite Wide-Angle lens UAL-03 with M67 thread
For all housings with 67mm connection
€248.95 *
I-Divesite Adapter M67 auf M52 für UWL-04 Fischauge Objektiv I-Divesite Adapter M67 to M52 for UWL-04...
To mount lenses with M52 thread at housings with M67 connection
€17.95 *
I-Divesite Schwenkbarer Makroadapter M67 für Canon WP-DC 6,38,43,47 I-Divesite swiveling M67 macro adapter for...
For Canon underwater housings, to near objects
€86.95 *
Meikon Schwenkbarer M67 Adapter Meikon Adaptor Theades Mount M67/M67
For underwater housings with M67 thread, to near objects
€88.95 *
Super Weitwinkel Objektiv UWL-09 (mit M67 Anschluss) Super wide angle lens UWL-09 (with M67 connection)
Super wide angle / fisheye mountings for all underwater housings with an M67 threaded connector
€838.95 *
H2o-Tools Makroadapter AM-C1-M67 für Canon Unterwassergehäuse WP-DC 28 / 34 / 48 / 52 H2o-Tools Macro Adapter AM-C1-M67 for Canon...
For Canon underwater housings, suitable to all M67 macro/ close up lenses
€39.95 *
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