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FIX NEO Doppelloch Gummi Lichtleiterkabelhalter FIX NEO Doublehole Rubberbush
To connect two optical fibre cable
€4.95 *
FIX NEO Lichtleiterkabel SC-S II 450mm FIX NEO Optical Cable SC-S II 450mm
Length: 450mm
€71.95 *
FIX NEO Lichtleiterkabel SC-L 750mm FIX NEO Optical Cable SC-L 750mm
Length: 750mm
€63.95 *
FIX NEO Remote Pro Kontroll Einheit FIX NEO Remote Pro controller
To control one oder two lamps from the handle
€180.95 *
FIX NEO Remote Kontroll Einheit Standard FIX NEO Remote controller Standard
Die Remote Kontrolleinheit Standard passend für das FIX Neo Lightsystem
€91.95 *
Fix Light LED DX Remote Kontroll Einheit Fix Light LED 1000DX Remote Control Unit
For FIX light LED video lamps
€206.95 *
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